No Knead Rosemary Garlic Bread

The fresh aroma of rosemary steaming from fluffy garlic bread that is without a doubt restaurant quality. You may never buy local fresh made bread from the store again once you try this recipe. You will need to start the process the day before you plan on serving it but believe you me that it… Continue reading →

Ham & Cheese Scones

Soft fluffy delicious ham and cheese scones are a throw back to a good old fashioned biscuit. If you live in an area where a good cook is measured by the quality of their biscuits you will enjoy the experience of these scones. If you have never had a good ole biscuit you should give… Continue reading →

Instant Pot Chinese Sausage & Chicken with Rice

Shitake mushrooms and Chinese sausage embedded in tasty moist rice to create an effortless spin on fried rice straight from the instant pot. Garnish with fresh cut green onions and fried shallots to add multiple dimensions to a satisfying and affordable meal. Notes of traditional fried rice flavors make this instant pot shortcut a good… Continue reading →

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