Air Fryer Meatballs

Sizzling with flavor and dripping with excellence, these juicy meatballs are a fabulous addition to any home cooking collection. Fresh from the Air Fryer and exuding steam filled promises of delight, these meatballs are a personal favorite of mine. This recipe is functional in many different ways but the air fryer gives you the option and a bit… Continue reading →

Spam Musubi

Soft rice wrapped in a good quality seaweed featuring braised mouthwatering pan fried spam. My kids love this simple recipe for Spam Musubi. Easy to make with very little clean up, these rolls make for an interesting and affordable meal. Not sure what it is about slightly salty food, but my kids tear this stuff up. It is satisfying… Continue reading →

Lemongrass Chicken

Fresh zest pops from the tender chicken as this easy to follow recipe adds yet another delicious meal to your rotation. Lemon grass and lime juice make for a delightful marinade that embeds their flavor profiles into the chicken. I absolutely love to pan sear a well seasoned meat to give the kitchen that home… Continue reading →

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