Instant Noodles

When eating on the cheap, late at night or trying to get your calorie count down; this is a Kim recommended dish. These are the Instant noodles I grew up with, they come in a variety of flavors. The noodles are the filler but the foodilicious is what you decide to add to your meal experience. I suggest you boil water then add bok choy, a couple of types of mushrooms, and a crunchy green like snow peas (for a couple of minutes). Remove the vegetables and pour the water over your noodle bowl, let set for 3 minutes or so. For this meal I used the chicken flavor. The eggs are a bit more complicated but if you’re interested leave a comment and I will send you the method I use for soft boiled eggs. What’s your favorite instant noodles brand? I need to venture out with different brands as I have been loyal to @Mama since I was a little girl. Have a wonderful day!

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